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Buy Firearms Online

It is cheaper in most cases to buy firearms online. Many large online dealers can sell you firearms for wholesale prices. Once you buy them, they ship directly to us. Just let us know they are coming, most online dealers already have our info and if not we will take care of it ASAP.

Transfer Firearms into Connecticut

We help you complete all of the paperwork needed to safely transfer your firearms. Transfers cost just $30 each, with a $5 discount for current or previous service (includes military, police, fire and EMS service). We also offer a Transfer Club for $250/year for unlimited transfers.

Local, Small Business FFL

Safe Guns CT is a small, locally owned Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL, Gun Dealer) located at 265 Airline Rd, Clinton, CT. We are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY, call or text 860.294.4498, email We are quick, responsive and friendly.

Save by buying firearms online

buy online from your favorite site, transfer through us, save time and money

About US

Safe Guns CT - Ziggys, LLC, is a Federal Firearms Licensee FFL located in Clinton, CT. We focus on providing safe, secure and efficient service including firearms transfers and estate firearms. We encourage you to buy firearms at your favorite dealer online and then transfer them into Connecticut through us. We will help you will all of the paperwork and even offer an annual unlimited firearms transfer service. Discounts provided for all service members.


Connecticut Firearms Transfers for only 30 Dollars

Safe Guns CT (Ziggys, LLC), is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), located in Clinton, CT. We focus on saving you money by providing fast, efficient tr...


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Save money on firearms purchases by buying online and transfering through Safe Guns CT

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